Malt Barley


CDC Bow is a high yielding strong strawed two-row malting barley with large plump kernels and lower grain protein. Combines good agronomic performance and physical grain quality with resistance to covered smut and stem rust. Registered in 2016 and developed by Dr. A. Beattie, Dr. B.G. Rossnagel and T. Zatorski, University of Saskatchewan, Crop Development Centre.


  • Medium-high grain protein content 
  • High extract yield 
  • Medium-high enzyme levels 
  • Low beta-glucan content 
  • High FAN levels 
  • High brewhouse efficiency 
  • High attenuation limit

Agronomic Traits

  • 9% higher yield than AC Metcalfe, 3% higher than CDC Copeland 
  • Grain protein content similar to CDC Copeland 
  • Strong straw and good resistance to lodging 
  • High kernel weight and plumpness 
  •  Resistance to covered smut and stem rust

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