Consumer Outreach

Life’s Simple Ingredient

Wheat is a staple of life, and Alberta wheat growers produce this wholesome ingredient, ensuring access to one of the world’s most popular grains. It serves as the base for countless breads, pastas, pastries and more. Wheat is a reminder of foods people loved growing up; of foods from their homes and family history and of foods that people rely on to feed their families.

The idea that wheat is “Life’s Simple Ingredient” is another reminder. With it, Alberta Wheat Commission seeks to remind consumers that wheat is one of the oldest, simplest ingredients available. It is not added sugar, it is not fattening, it is not some dietary villain.

We are bringing wheat back into a positive light. It is wholesome. It is something that people can be proud of serving to loved ones. The idea behind “Life’s Simple Ingredient” seeks to make people get to know their food. Get some flour on their hands, get involved with making their food, and get reacquainted with the world’s original staple ingredient.

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Wally and Betty’s Grain Gallery

Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley created Wally and Betty’s Grain Gallery, an interactive journey into the wonderful world of grain for kids. This augmented reality (AR) exploration game shows how grain goes from the farm to your plate, and lets you virtually complete the process.

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Alberta Small Brewers Association (ASBA)

Both Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley support the efforts of the Alberta Small Brewers Association (ASBA) and their work on connecting consumers to locally made beer. ASBA is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to promoting craft Alberta beer made from local ingredients, including barley and wheat. ASBA celebrates local entrepreneurs, educates the public on the benefits of local beer, and works with the Alberta Government to create the best brewing environment.

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