Government of Alberta announces changes to Class 1 licensing and training program

Today, the Honourable Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors, announced changes to the Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) program for Class 1 licensing.

While there are still many details to learn, Alberta Grains is supportive of a common-sense approach to program improvements that reduce barriers for farmers, their family members, and other farm employees, to obtain Class 1 licensing critical for their essential farming operations in Alberta.

Prior to today's announcement, Alberta Grains, together with Team Alberta Crops has advocated for alternative approaches to the MELT program to reduce training costs, backlogs, driver shortages/migration and acknowledge comparable transportation experience, while keeping safety top of mind. These changes are a positive first step toward easing some of those concerns.

Since its implementation in 2019, we’ve heard from numerous farmers who have faced challenges related to the implementation of the MELT program and obtaining Class 1 licenses, Alberta Grains will continue to work with the provincial government to better understand the changes and ensure our farmers remain informed.

Read the Government of Alberta MELT program announcement
For more information as it becomes available, contact:

Shannon Sereda
Director of Government Relations, Policy & Markets

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Jonathan Anderson
Director of Communications, Marketing & Events

For more information on past Team Alberta Crops advocacy on MELT for Class 1 please visit their website.

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