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Alberta Grains’ Farmers Voice Concerns Over Capital Gains Inclusion Rate Increase

Alberta Grains is calling on government to allow all eligible intergenerational farm transfers to be taxed at the original capital gains inc…

Alberta Grains announces the appointment of Jeremy Boychyn as its interim director of Research, Agro…

Alberta Grains is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeremy Boychyn as its interim director of Research while continuing to oversee his …

FarmCash receives approval from AAFC for the 2024 Program Year..

We are thrilled to share that the FarmCash Program has received approval from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to serve as an approved Advan…

Agronomy & Extension

The Agronomy & Extension team offers helpful guidance for growing grains in Alberta, ensuring farmers receive up-to-date information for successful grain farming in our province.

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The Growing Point

The goal of this newsletter is simple; to provide Alberta farmers and agronomists with timely, relevant and valuable agronomic knowledge sourced from science-based research and projects funded by Alberta Grains. 

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The Grain Exchange

Welcome to The Grain Exchange - Quarterly! The print publication you've come to know — formatted for online readers.

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FarmCash provides you with marketing flexibility when selling your commodity, low interest-savings, risk mitigation in the growing season, and by providing opportunities to make wise investments. Find out how this cash flow management tool can help you grow your operation.

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