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This monthly newsletter will include written articles, audio interviews and videos. Additionally, impromptu information may be released to address timely agronomic problems in Alberta. We hope the agronomic information from these newsletters brings value to your farm. Have agronomy questions? Feel free to reach out by emailing me at the address below.


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January 2024

Happy New Year! As the new year rolls in, planning for 2024 continues as decisions regarding fertilizer and variety selection are being made. The new Alberta Seed Guide will show up in your mailbox this month. To make the most out of it, refer to the article below that comes from the seed guide experts. 

Fertilizer prices and grain prices have trended downwards compared to a year ago. Does it change your nitrogen planning? Use the nitrogen rate of return calculator to find out.

Lastly, it’s great to see some of you during the online Agronomy Update. Thanks for joining the discussion and asking all the excellent questions! We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming events.

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New Alberta Seed Guide is available

Alberta Seed Guide is an annual publication that provides information on cereal and flax variety performance in Alberta. 

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Variety selection using the seed guide (2024)

The greatly anticipated Alberta Seed Guide will hit producer mailboxes at the end of January, and growers will be scouring the tables to see the latest, greatest options for the next growing season.

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Where was bacterial leaf streak found in 2023?

Bacterial leaf streak (BLS) is an emerging disease in the prairies. In 2023, Dr. Michael Harding’s team conducted a province-wide survey to see if BLS is found in leaf tissues

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What nitrogen rate gives me the best return?

This N Rate Calculator, developed by Rigas Karamanos, Ph.D., P.Ag., FCSA, for spring wheat and feed barley can be used to evaluate different net return per acre scenarios which compare different N sou…

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Upcoming Events

Explore the latest advancements in agronomy and broaden your knowledge by participating in our upcoming events!

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