Funding Process

The Alberta Grains research committee is composed of select farmers from our board of directors and delegates, and holds the decision-making power for project funding. The research committee is supported by staff including the director of research and the director of agronomy and extension.

Current farmer members of the Alberta Grains research committee include:
  • Dean Hubbard (Chair)
  • Dick Wymenga
  • Tasha Alexander
  • Gordon Ellis
  • Connie Matson
  • John Mayko
  • Jesse Meyer
  • Glen Gateman

To provide expertise in specific areas, industry experts are called upon to advise the committee on research projects. 

How are research funding decisions made? 

Alberta Grains participates in several collaborative funding calls each year. Alberta Grains is also a member of the Agricultural Funding Consortium in Alberta and participates in the Ag Development Fund process in Saskatchewan. Research proposals from other provinces are forwarded to us for consideration by our research partners.

This process allows for an annual “one-window” approach to funding research. Collaborative processes enhance the leveraging of producer funding by including multiple interested industry co-funders, as well as government sources. 

Alberta Grains also collaborates with research partners in larger national funding opportunities, such as Genome Canada and Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership


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Research Priorities

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