Michael Flynn

Executive Director 403.717.3711

Jonathan Anderson

Director, Communications, Marketing & Events 403.371.2132

Jeremy Boychyn

Interim Director, Research, Agronomy & Extension 403.219.6261

Clay Campbell

Director, Finance and Administration

Shannon Sereda

Director, Government Relations, Policy and Markets 403.219.6263

Tommy Wilson

Director, Publications 403.219.6265

Zahida Thakur

Manager, FarmCash Program 403.219.6267

Stacy Zimmer

Manager, Events & Sponsorship 587.216.0189

Elvis Akuchie

Senior Accountant 403.219.7912

Jasen Aussant

Senior Policy Advisor 403.219.6262

Harley Groeneveld

Senior Marketing & Communications Specialist 403.219.7906

Ian Doig

Editor, GrainsWest 403.219.7910

Sandra Fields

Executive Assistant 403.219.7903

Oge Ilonzo

Loan Intake Coordinator, FarmCash Program 403.219.6267

Vicky Lopez

Dealer & Producer Levies Administrator 403.219.6251

Sabrina Martin

Event Coordinator

Terri Moore

Loan Officer, FarmCash Program 403.219.6267

Mayank Sharma

Loan Officer, FarmCash Program 403.219.6267

Ruoxi Xia

Agronomy Extension Specialist 403.219.6260