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The Grain Exchange | Spring 2024

Featured Articles

Seeding rates & emergence: A package deal

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First Alberta Grains board works to strengthen capabilities and influence

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Impact of drought, low precipitation concerns policy makers, farmers

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Seek information before participating in new pilot program on well site leases

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Additional Articles

Cereals Canada update: New crop mission in Africa, the Gulf and Asia

In January 2024, Tara Sawyer participated in Cereal’s Canada’s New Crop Trade and Technical Missions, the same month, the Acme, Alberta farmer was voted as the first Alberta Grains board chair, a whirlwind start to say the least.

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Cereals Canada update: 2023 New Crop Trade & Technical Mission

Cereals Canada’s annual New Crop Trade and Technical Missions serve to provide Canada’s key global wheat export markets with information on annual harvest assessments.

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