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Research is Alberta Grain’s largest investment for a reason. We are focused on supporting research projects that aim to improve crop management, reduce input costs and environmental impact, and increase yield and grain quality. Developing new, improved wheat and barley genetics and best management practices are key to helping farmers adapt to changing environments, government policies, and domestic and international market demands while maximizing their profit.

Research Publication | Fall 2023

Nasima Junejo

Director of Research

Alberta Grains

A message from the Director of Research

In this edition of the Spotlight on Research, we highlight projects that aim to identify sources of resistance key to diseases in both wheat and barley respectively, with the projects “Imaging for improving Fusarium-damaged kernels and deoxynivalenol resistance in Canadian wheat” and “Barley pathogen variations and implications for managing disease via host resistance”. Meanwhile, “Understanding the interactions of N fertilizer technologies, fungicides, and the soil microbiome to optimize sustainable agriculture” aims to identify how different soil conditions impact the soil microbiome’s response to agricultural practices such as fertilizer management, fungicide application and crop rotation. Lastly, “Nitrification Inhibition on GHG Emissions, Soil Health and Barley Performance” acts as a key piece of the puzzle for researchers working to preserve grower profits while adhering to the Government of Canada’s 2023 Emissions Reduction Plan.

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