Alberta Grains is a farmer-directed organization that represents the interests of and serves as the single voice for all of Alberta's wheat and barley producers.

Alberta Grains is a not-for-profit organization representing Alberta’s wheat and barley farmers. We collect mandatory but refundable check-offs and reinvest them to grow the grain industry and its profitability. The organization works collaboratively within all levels of agriculture to achieve tangible results that benefit Alberta’s grain growers.

At Alberta Grains, we proudly stand as the collective voice and driving force behind the 18,000 wheat and barley farmers across the province.

Our efforts are focused on fostering innovation, supporting research and development and adopting sustainability in the agriculture sector.

  • Ensuring our farmers are equipped with the most advanced genetics and up-to-date agronomics management strategies for their farms.
  • Strengthen grower access to key markets by focusing on end-use demand, open trade, and an efficient value chain.
  • Supporting and delivering extension and education initiatives that provide our members with tools to improve their operations.
  • Building partnerships and advancing initiatives that will strengthen the farmer's voice on policy issues at the provincial and national levels.
  • Developing and delivering farm business management tools for farmers to improve their financial sustainability. 
  • Providing leadership that reflects the sector's diversity and acknowledging the clear benefits of an inclusive agriculture industry. 

To increase the long-term economic sustainability of Alberta's grain farmers through innovative research, market development, policy advocacy, farm business management, agronomy and extension.

To stand as the unparalleled leader and advocate for Alberta's wheat and barley farmers, Alberta Grains envisions becoming the foremost organization dedicated to advancing our members' interests, prosperity, and sustainable growth.

Our vision is rooted in fostering a thriving community, empowering farmers with cutting-edge knowledge and shaping policies that elevate the agricultural landscape, ensuring Alberta Grains remains the pinnacle organization in championing every farmer's success in our province.