Alberta Barley is a farmer-directed, not-for-profit organization representing Alberta’s barley farmers. Alberta Barley collects a mandatory, but refundable, check-off and reinvests it to grow the barley industry and its profitability. The organization works collaboratively within all levels of agriculture to achieve tangible results that benefit Alberta’s barley growers.

  • Your farm, your voice
  • Farmer-focused research
  • New markets, new opportunities
  • Raising barley's profile
  • Prudent money management

To advance the interests of Alberta barley farmers through leadership and investment in innovation and development.

A vibrant and innovative industry that unlocks the entire potential of barley.

  1. Drive development of a sector-wide barley strategy to create a vision for the next five years
    Value chain alignment is critical to establish sector-wide targets for the next five years and further into the future. 
  2. Instigate development of a national research plan for barley
    Focus research and maximize positive outcomes from research investments 
  3. Facilitate the adoption of new malt barley varieties
    Improve net returns to farmers
    Maintain the Alberta malt quality advantage through breeding and adoption 
  4. Develop a barley value proposition for the livestock sector
    Improve demand for barley, leverage opportunities as improved market access internationally grows demand for Alberta beef and pork 
  5. Improve feedback mechanisms for stakeholders
    Demonstrate value added by Alberta Barley
    Improve feedback mechanisms for stakeholders 
  6. Support strengthening of the barley value chain
    Stronger message and more efficient use of resources on industry initiatives 
  7. Support agricultural policy development initiatives 
    Engage with provincial and federal governments on policy topics that affect Alberta barley growers