Malt Barley

AC Metcalfe

AC Metcalfe is well recognized two-row spring malting barley with high yields, good agronomic traits, moderate disease resistance and excellent malting quality. AC Metcalfe’s high levels of extract and enzymes make this variety very suitable when used with higher levels of adjuncts. Its low Beta-glucan content makes AC Metcalfe attractive to brewers who experience problems with slow runoffs and poor beer filtration. Registered in 1997 by Developed by Dr. Bill Legge at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Brandon and sold by SeCan.


  • High extract yield 
  • Average enzyme levels and soluble protein 
  • Low beta-glucan content 
  • Good disease resistance 
  • Good brewhouse performance

Agronomic Traits

  • Higher yield 
  • Early maturity than Manley 
  • Fair lodging resistance 
  • Good disease resistance

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