Malt Barley

CDC Copeland

CDC Copeland is a two-row malting barley with high yields and good straw strength. CDC Copeland has the same ability as Harrington to be very forgiving in the malthouse and able to produce quality malt on a consistent basis, even when the malting conditions are changed. Its ability to provide low beta-glucan and low soluble protein at the same time is unique. Registered in 1999 and developed by Dr. Bryan Harvey, University of Saskatchewan, Crop Development Centre and is sold by SeCan.


  • Good plump and thousand kernel weight 
  • Low soluble protein 
  • Low beta-glucan content 
  • Low wort colour 
  • Good brewhouse performance

Agronomic Traits

  • Higher yield 
  • Early maturity variety 
  • Good lodging resistance 
  • Good disease resistance

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