Malt Barley

CDC Fraser

CDC Fraser is a high yielding strong strawed two-row malting barley with large plump kernels, lower grain protein and excellent lodging resistance. This variety performs well in the brewhouse and has a good disease package. Registered in 2016 by Dr. A. Beattie, University of Saskatchewan, Crop Development Centre and is sold by SeCan.


  • Moderate grain protein content 
  • High extract yield 
  • High enzyme levels 
  • Low beta-glucan content 
  • High FAN levels 
  • Very high grain yield 
  • Good disease resistance 
  • High brewhouse efficiency

Agronomic Traits

  • Yields 14% higher than AC Metcalfe, 8% higher than CDC Copeland 
  • Moderate grain protein, similar to CDC Copeland 
  • Shorter and stronger straw and good resistance to lodging 
  • High kernel weight and plumpness 
  •  Good resistance to spot blotch and spot-form net blotch 
  • Maturity date similar to CDC Copeland

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