Wheat Markets


Currently, Italy’s demand of Canadian wheat and durum has been shrinking due to country of origin labelling Italy placed on is pasta packing. Making this stop critical for New Crop Mission representatives and the Canadian wheat industry.

Over 100 participants attended the seminar including traders, brokers and end use manufactures to ask questions and receive the 2019 crop report, farming in Western Canada overview and 2019 grain quality update based off of CGC harvest sample program.

Key findings

  • Considerable amount of communications regarding glyphosate, maximum reside limits (MRLs) and modern agriculture practices will be needed to bring this market back to pre-2016 import levels.
  • Canadian durum is the best durum in the world, but Italian millers are concerned about consumer backlash of using a Canadian product.
  • Request from end-use manufacturer on how much the premium would be if they requested glyphosate free wheat.