Small plot research is vital to advancing on-farm agronomic knowledge and can add further understanding to how particular management practices impact crop quality and yield on each farm. In the 2020 growing season, the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions launched the on-farm research program, Plot2Farm. Plot2Farm aims to bring agronomic management research to the farm-gate. Adapted from small plot research, the commissions developed farm-ready research protocols that farmers can implement on-farm with the help of an agronomist.

Through this program, farmers can evaluate agronomic questions using genetics, management and environmental conditions for their farm. Available protocols test a wide variety of agronomic management practices on both wheat and barley including seeding rates, plant growth regulators, enhanced efficiency fertilizers, row spacing, and more. The protocols are developed with the goal of producing results that farmers can use for future management decisions. Plot2Farm is designed for those farmers looking to take their agronomic management to the next level.

2023 Results

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