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Alberta Grains elects inaugural board of directors and delegates

January 31, 2023 (Calgary, AB) - Following Alberta Grains’ Annual General Meeting held today in Calgary, Alberta, during the CrossRoads Crop Conference, the commission is pleased to announce its inaugural board of directors including Tara Sawyer as chair, Scott Jespersen as first vice-chair, and Devin Hartzler as second vice-chair.

Sawyer, who farms near Acme, has previously served as chair for Alberta Barley and Alberta Grains’ interim board of directors since the formal amalgamation of Alberta Barley and the Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) in August 2023. Jespersen, who farms near Spruce Grove, takes over the first vice-chair role after previously serving as a director for Alberta Barley since 2021, and most recently as second vice-chair on the interim board for Alberta Grains. Hartzler, who farms near Carstairs, also held a position on the Alberta Grains interim board of directors and has previously served with AWC as a director since 2020.

“I am honoured by the board’s vote of confidence in my ability to serve Alberta’s wheat and barley farmers as chair,” said Sawyer. “There is so much opportunity in the industry as a whole and as a board, we’re leveraging that to ensure wheat and barley remain a top choice for farmers and end-users alike. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve as the first chair for Alberta Grains.”

After a series of regional meetings held throughout November 2023 to conduct elections, Alberta Grains enthusiastically introduces the newly elected directors:

 Region 1: Dean Hubbard, David Bishop.

• Region 2: Devin Hartzler, Tara Sawyer.

 Region 3: Stewart Oke, Dick Wymenga.

• Region 4: Shawn Jacula , Brent Christensen

• Region 5: Scott Jespersen.

• Region 6: Greg Sears, Tasha Alexander.

“I see tremendous opportunity to help tell the story of Alberta’s 18,000 wheat and barley farmers and can’t wait to get started with our newly elected board of directors,” stated Alberta Grains executive director, Michael Flynn. “Their passion and dedication to enhancing the agriculture sector at not only the provincial level, but nationally and internationally is unmatched.”

Alberta Grains thanks all outgoing directors, delegates and regional representatives for their longstanding commitment to furthering the interests of Alberta barley and wheat producers.

Entering 2024, Research is Alberta Grain’s largest investment for a reason. We are focused on supporting research projects that aim to improve crop management, reduce input costs and environmental impact, and increase yield and grain quality.

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