From Giant Garlic Sausages to Strategic Governance: Alberta Grains' Journey Towards Agricultural Excellence

Paula Campbell, Communications & Events Specialist | Alberta Grains

Did you know a giant garlic sausage ring resides in Mundare, Alberta? And the world’s largest mallard duck calls Andrew, AB. home? These are only a few of the sites the Alberta Grains staff saw during this year’s Regional Meetings.

Alberta Grains hosted regional meetings in Lethbridge, Strathmore, Red Deer, St. Paul, Morinville and Grande Prairie. Eligible producers had the opportunity to accept nominations and represent the commission as regional directors and delegates. With elections, nominations and many resolutions put forth by the farmers, Alberta Grains is poised for an effective year advancing the commission and agriculture forward in Alberta.

How did we get here?

On August 1, 2023, The Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley Commission amalgamated into Alberta Grains. This amalgamation required the appointment of an interim board to be the decision-making body for Alberta Grains until the inaugural board of directors is established at the Annual General Meeting at CrossRoads in January 2024.

The inaugural board of directors was comprised of farmers whose responsibilities included attending Alberta Grains board meetings, the annual general meeting, various committee meetings, and an annual regional meeting. Additionally, directors represent the organization on various third-party councils and committees and at numerous community and industry events.

Along with directors, Alberta Grains is represented by delegates in all regions of the province. Their responsibilities include attending the Alberta Grains annual general meeting and their annual regional meeting every fall. Delegates may also be invited to represent Alberta Grains at community and trade events and on a variety of committees with Alberta Grains.

Being governed by farmers through the director and delegate roles, Alberta Grains can bring about effective change for agriculture in Alberta. For the initial election, Alberta Grains has implemented staggered terms to create an opportunity for a blend of experienced continuity and new perspectives while the governance evolves over the first few years. The initial terms for Alberta Grains directors and delegates are detailed below:

Region 1: One year; and Two years.

Region 2: Three years; and One year.

Region 3: Two years; and Three years.

Region 4: One year; and Two years.

Region 5: Three years; and One year.

Region 6: Two years; and Three years.

These initial terms allow for an annual rotation of Director elections throughout the six regions, resulting in four open director positions within the province each year.

This strategic move allows Alberta Grains to harness the expertise of its board members while also infusing the board with diverse insights and ideas, setting the stage for a dynamic and forward-thinking future.

The amalgamation of the Alberta Wheat Commission and Alberta Barley Commission into Alberta Grains marks a significant milestone for the agricultural landscape of the province.

The journey from regional meetings to the upcoming Annual General Meeting at CrossRoads reflects a proactive engagement with farmers and the broader community.

As Alberta Grains takes its initial steps, establishing staggered terms demonstrates a thoughtful approach to balancing experience and innovation in leadership. With the collective efforts of directors, delegates and the entire Canadian agricultural community, Alberta Grains is paving the way for a flourishing agricultural sector in the coming years.