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The Grain Exchange | Summer 2023

Featured Articles

Invasive species, pests, and predators? — Alberta's not-so-little wild pig problem

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Looking ahead: The future commission's board of directors

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Sustainability a major focus of the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership framework

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Navigating the stripe rust challenge

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Additional Articles

Government of Canada's guidance on plant-breeding innovation is good news for farmers

In early May 2023, the agricultural industry in Canada welcomed further guidance provided by the Government of Canada that confirms that gene-edited crops will be regulated the same as conventionally-bred crops.

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Agriculture in the modern classroom

A student in the urban metro does not wake up each morning with opportunities to sit in a tractor, tend to livestock or walk through the fields where their food is produced. A field trip to Aggie Days allows urban students learn where their food comes from and how it is sustainably grown in our province.

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