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New Alberta Seed Guide is available

Alberta Seed Guide is an annual publication that provides information on cereal and flax variety performance in Alberta. 

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Variety selection using the seed guide (2024)

The greatly anticipated Alberta Seed Guide will hit producer mailboxes at the end of January, and growers will be scouring the tables to see the latest, greatest options for the next growing season.

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Where was bacterial leaf streak found in 2023?

Bacterial leaf streak (BLS) is an emerging disease in the prairies. In 2023, Dr. Michael Harding’s team conducted a province-wide survey to see if BLS is found in leaf tissues

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What nitrogen rate gives me the best return?

This N Rate Calculator, developed by Rigas Karamanos, Ph.D., P.Ag., FCSA, for spring wheat and feed barley can be used to evaluate different net return per acre scenarios which compare different N sources and costs, vari…

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Upcoming Events

Explore the latest advancements in agronomy and broaden your knowledge by participating in our upcoming events!

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2024 Albert wheat midge and wheat stem survey maps released

The Alberta survey maps for wheat midge and wheat stem sawfly are now available to help plan for 2024. The release of these survey maps is a result of the hard work by Shelley Barkley and her team at Alberta Agriculture

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