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Test your agronomic knowledge with this short quiz!

Answer these brief questions regarding delayed seeding, plant stand count timing and top dress fertilizer.

Delayed seeding: What works best for a shorter growing season?

Seeding 2024 was delayed in some regions due to rain and other challenges. As we approach June, what can farmers do to manage delayed seeding and maximize profit regardless? 

Two new Growing Point podcasts are now available

In the two latest episodes of The Growing Point Podcast, host Jeremy Boychyn is joined by Edgar Hammermeister of Western Ag and Dr. Charles Geddes of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

How does emergence count benefit me?

For those who managed to seed early, the crops are around the perfect stage to do plant counts.  

Pest Management Update - June 2024

Field scouting starts to ramp up with a few more insects to add to the “watch” list.

Upcoming Events - June & July 2024

Keep an eye out for these exciting summer events in the coming months!