How does emergence count benefit me?

For those who managed to seed early, the crops are around the perfect stage to do plant counts.  

About 21 days after seeding is the ideal timing because:

  • it gives the seeds enough to emerge; and
  • plants have not developed tillers, making it easier to count

Why should I do plant counts? What benefit does it bring?

  • Plant counts are essential to calculating emergence mortality, which is required to calculate accurate seeding rates.
  • Emergence mortality varies from year to year and between fields, that is why it’s important to do emergence counts and get more accurate information.
  • Knowing emergence percentage sets expectations for seeding rates and plant stand in the following years. It helps to optimize seeding rates to reach the target plant stands, and in turn, maximize yield potential.

For how to use emergence mortality to calculate seeding rate, refer to Alberta Grains Seeding Rate Calculator.

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