How to choose my seed treatments?

Seed treatment is a useful tool to preserve seed quality and help with plant establishment.

Common questions relating to seed treatment include:

• Should I use a seed treatment?

• Which seed treatment product should I use?

Seed tests are a great way for producers to find out what they are dealing with when it comes to seed quality and health. The test results, including germination, vigour and disease diagnostic, are the foundation for making seed treatment decisions.

If you have not sent your seed lot to be tested, there’s still time to do so. Send a seed sample to one of the accredited seed labs to know the germination, vigour, 1000 kernel weight and more.

If you have received your seed testing results, the following article will help you interpret the results and make seeding decisions.

How to interpret your seed test results - a step-by-step guide.

Already know which diseases/insects you're dealing with, but need to decide which seed treatment products to use?

Refer to this factsheet by SaskWheat:

Seed Treatments in Spring Wheat and Durum Production

And/or the Alberta Blue Book -> Seed treatment selector chart (Pages 569-570 for cereals)