Nutrient management – Understanding the nitrogen (N) cycle and how to mitigate N loss

To maximize the value of nitrogen (N) application, it is important to understand the ways in which N can be lost to the environment. If environmental factors causing N loss are not managed, N may be lost rather than contributing to yield. Check out this poster that illustrates where N loss happens in the N cycle, and what can be done to mitigate N losses. 

Nitrogen Transformations

Listen to this podcast episode to get a refreshment on N mineralization and immobilization in the soil.

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Using what we just learned in N cycle, let us apply the knowledge to a real-life scenario: N application in winter wheat. For winter wheat growers, broadcasting urea in the fall helps to manage the workload and other risks; however, the practice carries the risk of urea volatilization loss. Dig into this article to find out:

• How much more N is lost due to volatilization in a fall application vs spring?

• Are there differences in N use efficiency among different application timings?

• How to reduce N loss when broadcasting urea?

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