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Our goal with this newsletter is simple; to provide Alberta farmers and agronomists with timely, relevant and valuable agronomic knowledge sourced from science-based research and projects funded by Alberta Grains. You will also find a few opinion articles addressing management perspectives and other agronomic pointers to help you make informed agronomic decisions.

This monthly newsletter will include written articles, audio interviews and videos. Additionally, impromptu information may be released to address timely agronomic problems in Alberta. We hope the agronomic information from these newsletters brings value to your farm. 

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June 2024

The recent rain events bring benefits and challenges. For those who did not get seeds into the ground as expected, we will take a look at how to manage delayed seeding and maximize profit regardless. Following a drought, moisture might promote the release of soil nitrogen to be available in 2024. If that is your case, tune in for a discussion about “the birch effect”. Don’t forget to get your insect and disease information to stay on top of pest management. We also have two new Growing Point podcast episodes for you to catch up on!

Lastly, keep your eyes peeled for more field days this season! We look forward to seeing you at the events.