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Alberta Grains announces inaugural funding to support newly formed Western Crop Innovations

 Alberta Grains, in collaboration with the provincial government and industry partners, is proud to announce substantial inaugural funding to support Western Crop Innovations (WCI) in advancing agricultural research and innovation tailored for the Western Prairies.

Alberta Grains’ Farmers Voice Concerns Over Capital Gains Inclusion Rate Increase

Alberta Grains is calling on government to allow all eligible intergenerational farm transfers to be taxed at the original capital gains inclusion rate.

Alberta Grains announces the appointment of Jeremy Boychyn as its interim director of Research, Agronomy & Extension

Alberta Grains is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeremy Boychyn as its interim director of Research while continuing to oversee his portfolio of Agronomy & Extension.  

Boychyn will now oversee all research-related activities including priorities, projects and funding. 

The University of Guelph alumni began his journey with Alberta Grains (then Alberta Wheat Commission) in 2018 as an agronomy research extension specialist, where he has since played a pivotal role in driving agricultural research and extension programs in Alberta. Boychyn has been instrumental in the development of key programs and initiatives such as Plot2Farm and The Growing Point, both of which provide vital resources and support to grain farmers across the province. 

Plot2Farm, an on-farm research program initiated by Alberta Grains, aims to bring agronomic management research directly to the farm-gate. Developed from small plot research, Plot2Farm offers farm-ready research protocols that farmers can implement on-farm with the assistance of an agronomist, ensuring the practical application of research findings in real-world farming scenarios. 

Additionally, Boychyn oversees The Growing Point brand, which consists of both a podcast and newsletter that delivers timely, relevant, and valuable agronomic knowledge to Alberta farmers and agronomists. Sourced from science-based research and projects funded by Alberta Grains, The Growing Point provides insights, management perspectives, and agronomic pointers to help farmers make informed decisions and optimize their operations 

"I am honored to take on this interim role with Alberta Grains and to have the opportunity to continue serving the agricultural community in Alberta," said Boychyn. "I am excited to continue working alongside our dedicated team of staff and farmer-led board of directors to deliver impactful research, agronomy, and extension programs that support the success and sustainability of grain farmers across the province." 

The board of directors for Alberta Grains strongly believes Boychyn is the ideal leader for this interim position to further strengthen its position as a leading advocate and resource for grain farmers in Alberta. 

"Jeremy's extensive experience and deep-rooted commitment to the advancement of agriculture in Alberta make him the perfect fit for this role," said Tara Sawyer, chair for Alberta Grains. "His proven track record of delivering impactful research and extension programs will be instrumental in driving the success of Alberta Grains and ensuring that our farmers have access to the tools and knowledge they need to thrive." 

For more information about Alberta Grains and its initiatives, visit www.albertagrains.com

FarmCash receives approval from AAFC for the 2024 Program Year..

We are thrilled to share that the FarmCash Program has received approval from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to serve as an approved Advance Payment Program administrator for Program Year 2024. We will be ready to accept applications through our dedicated application portal shortly.

Government of Alberta announces changes to Class 1 licensing and training program

The Honourable Devin Dreeshen, Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors, announced changes to the Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) program for Class 1 licensing.

The Government of Alberta is establishing Western Crop Innovations (WCI).

The Government of Alberta is establishing Western Crop Innovations (WCI), a new non-profit focused on agriculture research and crop development.