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Brennan Turner previously founded Combyne Ag, a grain accounting and crop marketing hub built to help producers make more informed decisions while on the go, via digitizing and unifying inventory, contracts, load tickets and settlements into a single app. He holds a degree in economics from Yale University and spent time on Wall Street in commodity trade and analysis before starting Combyne. In 2017, Brennan was named to Fast Company’s List of Most Creative People in Business and, in 2018, a Henry Crown Fellow as part of the Aspen Institute. He is originally from Foam Lake, Saskatchewan where his family started farming the land nearly 100 years ago (and still does to this day on more than 80,000 acres!). Brennan’s comments on grain markets are regularly featured in everything from small-town newspapers to large media outlets like CNBC and Bloomberg.

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Wishful Weather

Grain markets ended last week mostly in the red with a higher Friday close thanks to short-covering on weather and increased tensions between Israel and Iran

Scratching Dirt and/or Dust?

Grain markets generally saw selling to start April, as the complex doesn’t seem to believe the numbers that the USDA printed in their Prospective Plantings report on March 28th. The wheat complex got a bit of a short-c…

Springing Into Seasonal Swings

Grain markets were primarily green last week being led by the wheat complex, mainly due to technical positioning ahead of the USDA’s Plant 2024 forecast update. 

A Dry Start to Plant 2024’s Acreage Plans?

Grain markets continued to trend lower at the beginning of March but have been impacted by this month’s WASDE report. 

Finding a Winter Bottom

Grain markets continued to push lower towards the end of February with Kansas City HRW wheat futures the only commodity finding the green for the past week. Lower corn prices continue to bring wheat with it, and for refe…

Where to Next?

Heavy fund selling last week drove grain prices lower but some short covering helped the wheat complex limit its losses, despite a mostly bearish WASDE report from the UDSA last week.